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photo: Sergio Lopez

                  Brazilian music educator, singer, guitar-player and song-writer. Voice and music theory teacher at the Collective Sedajazz of Valencia. Thaïs Morell graduated as a Music Teacher at Faculdade de Artes do Paraná (Curitiba, Brazil), and has a Master Degree in Music from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia with the thesis “Interpretative Analysis of Voice on Bossa Nova”. She studied vocal technique with Liane Guariente, Andréa dos Guimarães and Sira da Silva (Brazil). Studied vocal performance for Folk Music with Outi Pulkinen at the prestigious Sibelius Academy Music University (Helsinki, Finland) and Ethnomusicology at the University of Ghana (Accra, Ghana). Currently preparing to enter the Doctorate in Music from the Federal University ofParaná, (Brazil) with panamanian adviser Prof. Dr. Edwin Pitre.

.          Cosmopolitan, she lived in Finland and Ghana before settling in Spain 7 years ago, accumulating fruitful personal and musical experiences, many kilometers traveled, and shows and workshops in more than 40 cities in Spain, Brazil, France, Italy, Uruguay, Finland, Ghana, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands and England. Thaïs has offered the Bossa Nova Vocal Workshops in: Finland (Helsinki), Belgium (Antwerp), Estonia (Saüe), Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Tenerife, La Palma), Netherlands (Codarts, Rotterdam) and Ghana (Accra).

.          Main live concerts:

Festival de Viveros, opening show for Toquinho & Maria Creuza (Valencia, Spain)
International Festival of Lusophone Cantos na Maré (Pontevedra, Spain),
Brazilian Christmas: Gran Canaria Big Band + Thaïs Morell (Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain);
La Bellevilloise (Paris, France)
Festival Virada Cultural Paulista (Araraquara, Santa Bárbara d’Oeste/SP, Brazil)
Oficina de Música de Curitiba, Teatro Paiol (Curitiba, Brazil)
Festival de Jazz de Cádiz (Spain)
Festival de Jazz de Peñíscola (Spain)
Festival de Música y Danza de Granada (Spain)
Brazil Day Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
Thaïs Morell & Ghanaian Friends (Accra e Kumasi, Ghana)
World-Music Festival of Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)
International Jazz Week of Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)
Circuito de Jazz IVAM, com Ximo Tébar (Valencia, Spain)


.          Concerts in jazz Clubs:

Le Baiser Salé (Paris, France),
Café Berlin (Madrid, Spain),
Jamboree (Barcelona, Spain)
Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar (Valencia, Spain),
Sunset Jazz (Girona, Spain),
Jazzazza (Murcia, Spain),
Refugio Jazz Club (Alicante, Spain),
Ronnie Scott’s Bar (London, England),etc.

.          BIO

.          Thaïs Morell was born in Curitiba, Southern Brazil, and belongs to this new generation of Brazilian musicians who have extensive training and ability to move with ease between various musical styles. With a stunning live show, at once intense and delicate, she mixes the “jazzy” chords of Bossa Nova with folklore and street rhythms from Brazil and elsewhere, achieving the most varied audiences. Standing out with a very rhythmic guitar, Thaïs plays with poise the roles of singer, guitarist and songwriter in a quartet formed by Ales Cesarini (double-bass), Mariano Steimberg (drums and percussion) and Andrés Belmonte (flute and piano), excellent musicians from the spanish jazz scene.

.          With a radiant charisma and a fascinating voice, In 2012 she released her first album, “Cancioneira” (Sedajazz Records), and presented a universe of Brazilian sounds with touches of jazz and world-music, far from cliches. Three years later, surrounded once again by excellent musicians and professionals, Morell showed us her second recording adventure: “Amaralina” (Sedajazz Records, 2015). The album is a jewel that unfolds in 14 beautiful songs and multiple sonorities that go again beyond the Brazilian music mixed to jazz, presenting brushstrokes of world-music, reaffirming thus her seductive style and cosmopolitan musical personality.  ·

Amaralina (2015)
Cancioneira (2012)

Albums available on:

Sound Cloud


.          REVIEWS

“An outstanding album, unconventional, very remarkable the work of Thaïs Morell!”
José Miguel Lopez – Discópolis, Spain National Radio (RNE3)

“A terrific debut album, full of inspiration and charm!”
Mundofonías, Spain National Radio (RNE 3) –

“An excellent album!”
Vicente Quintana, Radio COPE Valencia –

“Listening to Thaïs Morellis like diving into a world of changing colors. Within minutes she rips conventional Brazilian music into pieces and keeps boredom at bay with her unpredictable music.”
Marta Ramon, L’ – October 21, 2011

“Thaïs Morell is an flawless and complete artist. South-Brazilian musician, citizen of the world, a new musical discovery of today.”
Rubens de la Corte – Guitarist/Composer/Arranger (Angelique Kidjo, Eliane Elias) – São Paulo / NY –