..          Workshop designed by music teacher Ms. Thaïs Morell (Brazil) for singers and anyone else interested in acquiring or developing their knowledge and vocal practice on the Brazilian musical movement “Bossa Nova”.

.          Content to be approached during the course*:

– Brief historical context of Bossa Nova music movement;
– Correct pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese;
– Observation / analysis of male and female Brazilian vocalists;
– Practice of rhythmic patterns and cells of Samba and Bossa Nova;
– Practice of vocal technique oriented to Bossa Nova singing;
– Practice of repertoire (standards of Bossa Nova), also with vocal arrangements;

.          Teacher speaks fluent English. Teaching materials provided in English.
.          Request full description and any other information via email:

*The workshop may also be extended to cover:
– Bossa Nova guitar classes;
– Combo practice;
– and/or Initiation on Brazilian percussion;


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